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red,sore skin, hair falling out his face started getting red, sore and hair falling out, then it progressed to his chest and front legs. His face has started to bleed, what can I wash or apply to give him some relief?

This kind of skin problem can have a variety of causes. Your vet would also most likely take a skin scrapng and examine it under a microscope to determine whether there are nay mites involved, which is possible at this young age. In the absence of a diagnosis you can certainly use some of the itch relieving and soothing shamposs and products on offer, which are listed below.

Submitted by Viv | Tags : loss of hair mites
Rash around mouth On antibiotics for cut toe pad; followed by staff infection (textbook pink inflamed balloon paw). Itching from day 2or3; developed to inflamed swollen rash around mouth. How can you tell of rash is from skin infection vs amoxicillin reaction?

It is unlikely she would develop inflammation and a rash around the mouth from a skin infection transferred from the pad cut.. Is anything else being applied to the cut toe that she may be licking off? Amoxil can cause an allergic reaction, usually more like hives, with laboured breathing and perhaps vomitting and diarrhorea in more sever case. The best way to test if the antibiotic is invloved is of course to stop administering it and see if the signs subside. If the pad infection remains severe obviously it would be best to consult your vet and perhaps change to a different class of antibiotic.

Submitted by Naomi | Tags : pad infection amoxil
Infected lumps Bella gets lumps on her which get infected. The vet said it was insects biting her but I think it may be an allergic reaction to grass or a plant in our garden. It comes and goes. We bath her in emu oil shampoo that we have purchased from VPD. Is there any oral medicine, tablet that we can give her when it is present? Is there a dog anti histamine for this?

Yes there certainly are antihistamines and other products that can help with allergies, but they are all prescription only so must be provided by your vet. If the problem is intermittent consider also food allergy. Are there any treats for instance that you give only occasionally?

Submitted by Janice | Tags : skin allergy food allergy
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