About My Pet Solutions

My Pet Solutions is about sharing problems you may have had with your own pets, and more importantly how you solved those problems. It may have been something you did, or a particular product or products that worked for you. Or, if you have a current problem you can search our site to see if someone else has posted a solution, and learn from the MPS community. Of course if you can't find an answer you can also ask a question as well, and the MPS staff or a member of the community will do their best to help you out.

How It Works

1. Submit your solution.  First you must login. You can use your Vet Products Direct email and password if you have one, or register with us. Then from either the "Home" page or the appropriate species page, ie 'My Dog" or "My Cat", fill in the fields and type in your solution. Don't forget to mention the products you think worked for you.If you have a question follow the same procedure after clicking the Question tab.
2. Your Solution will be moderated.  Our staff of fully qualified veterinarians and veterinary nurses will review the solution and pass it as suitable for publication.
3. Where can I see it?  Until it has been moderated and deemed suitable for publication, you can see your solution under the "My Solutions" tab only. Remember you must be logged in to see the My Solutions tab.
4. Published Solutions.  Once the solution has been moderated and published, you will see it under the apprpriate species tab, such as under "My Dog" or "My Cat". Once a solution is published anyone viewing the MPS site can view your solution.

Get Started

Click the buttons below and fill in the details. Remember though you must be logged in to ask a question or to submit a solution.
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