Sucking on my inner elbow

Syko is a 10 month old rescued desexed male, and at night he snuggles into me and sucks and nibbles on my inner elbow. He has done this ever since we adopted him, at 6 weeks of age. We do not know his previous history. Is this due to his mother not feeding him for long enough when he was a younger kitten? Why does he do this? Is there any way to stop him, without distressing him as well? I have given him a number of small soft toys to chew and play with, which interests him, but he still continues with the sucking/chewing, particularly at night. Do you think this will go on for the rest of his life? Our Vet was unsure, and suggested the soft toys, but this has not worked. Any ideas?
This is a very common behaviour in cats, and nothing to be concerned about. Many of them continue to do it well into adulthood. It is similiar to the "padding" that so may cats do before settling down, ie using the front paws to push up and down on a soft object. Kittens do this to stimulate milk flow from their mother's teats. Again, don't be concerned about this, even if it continues for some time.

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