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Red dry mark on top wings Shiro and Paul-e have this red dry rough scratch mark on top of their wings..what does this mean and how to heal them.

I think we awould need a little more detail to give any kind of answer here, ie what is the breed, exactly where are these dry marks, how long have they been present?

Submitted by Miki | Tags : None
Poor Diet Concerned my Galah wasn't eating a balanced diet

After a visit to the vet and blood tests to check her general health, I was told that my Galah was overweight and had unhealthy feather and beak growth. This was the result of an unbalanced diet and I was advised to change her diet to a quality dry food called Vetafarm Parrot Pellet Maintenance Diet in conjunction with feeding raw veges such as corn and broccoli. Within 6 months she had lost weight and her feather and beak growth was healthy again.

Not Answered | Tags : poor diet unhealthy beak
Plucking her feathers We moved house and my Galah starting plucking out her feathers.

After a visit to the vet for a general health check I was told that she was suffering from a combination of stress from moving and boredom. I was advised to purchase a larger cage and place some cotton rope perches at different levels inside the cage that would make it easier for her to move around and reach her food and water bowls and toys. I also added a calcium perch and every few days I peg the base of an empty plain cardboard egg carton in her cage for her to shred with great delight.

Not Answered | Tags : plucking feathers boredom
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