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Green pond water I use tank and rain water to top up my pond, and have noticed the water gets green rather quickly.

I used 'The Water Cleanser' in a section where the water flows well and I have found the water stays clearer for at least double the time. It also hasn't seemed to harm any of my plants that I water with the old fish water.

Submitted by Melanie VPD Vet Nurse | Tags : green fish pond water cleanser None
Submitted by Melanie VPD Vet Nurse | Tags : fish bloat None
Breeding Fish Testing Water Quality

We were struggling to get the ideal water conditions for breeding our fish and decided to invest in some quality water quality supplements and testing kits so we could monitor the tanks easily without having to go down to the pet store every other day. The results have more than paid for the investment.

Submitted by MyPets | Tags : Water Quality Water Testing
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