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Biting Flies My Arabian X was constantly being attacked by biting flies

After hosing our horse down post ride we would make up the Permoxin Concentrate in a bucket and pour it over her. This would keep the flies away for a few days, we then had a handy Spray pack of Repel X in the stable to give her some extra protection between baths. We also found it worked really well for the dogs too BUT it is toxic for cats so we kept all the cats products completely separate!

Submitted by Louise VPD Vet Nurse | Tags : biting flies stable flies biting insects
Numerous White Spots Numerous white spots have appeared in her chestnut coat over the years. DOB 1996. We have had her since she was 8 months old. Have previously been told it's genetic. Just recently someone suggested too much protein in feed. She is only grass fed (Paspalum grass). We have just finished the WET season (Far North Queensland). Just curious.... Which is it or is it something else?

Just curious..... Any solutions to the question? The condition is called equine vitiligo, and I am not aware that a genetic basis has been proven, but it seems most likely. The condition requires no treatment is is basically just a cosmetic change with hair folicles losing their pigmentation.

Submitted by JRussell | Tags : white spots vitiligo
Itchy and losing hair along neck My horse was rubbing himself and losing hair along his neck, and he had small lumps in the area as well. It was becoming severe with the skin being broken and some infection also present.

My vet diagnosed Onchocerciasis, which is an allergy to a larval form of a worm that horses can get. We have to control biting insects as well, stable him at night and put on a light rug. We also wormed him with Equest to kill the worms.

Submitted by mjs | Tags : neck lumps skin allergy onchocerciasis
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